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Are you looking for a culturally diverse adventure in a Caribbean paradise?

If so, tour Negril, Jamaica and the South Coast with us. Stroll the stunning white sands of Seven Mile Beach. Play in tranquil, turquoise waters. Explore rocky cliffs and caves. Swim in a magnificent, seven-tiered, cascading waterfall and an expansive wading pool fed by underground springs. Soar over jungle tree tops and lush foliage. Savor fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs on an organic farm. Learn the rum-making and distillation process. Relax into luxurious spa services. Dine al fresco on authentic Jamaican cuisine. Enjoy the laid-back beats of reggae music. Take in the rich, vivid colors of the sunset and warm Caribbean breezes.

Jamaica has a vibrant culture just waiting to be discovered. The warm and friendly people are excited to share their rich heritage with you. Allow us to be your travel guide to an authentic experience of Jamaica!

About Dori


In 1976, I took a year off work to travel. My travels took me to many beautiful places, but none as stunning, friendly and inviting as Jamaica. My first trip to Jamaica was to Montego Bay, or Mo Bay as the locals call it. Warm and friendly people surrounded me. I was young and traveled alone, as I often do. Everyone wanted to take care of me, which made me feel special. I soon learned that it’s the way Jamaican people are with everyone. Before I’d even left, I was already planning my next trip. I couldn't wait to return.

Then I discovered Negril, a small beach resort that the locals call the Capital of Casual. With seven miles of white sandy beach, several miles of cliffs and the Caribbean Sea a color of blue I'd never seen before, Negril became a yearly trip. In the Sunday Chicago Tribune, I found a travel agent specializing in Jamaican travel. My accommodations were always boutique style, including a private residence on the beach. I'm adventurous, so I stayed in different places every year. 

One year I met a gentleman, Malcolm, who was the bartender at my hotel. He mentioned that on his days off, he offered private tours. I checked his credentials at the front desk and decided to take him up on a cultural adventure. That's when I truly fell in love with Jamaica. 

I saw lush foliage, stunning mountains, banana plantations, baby goats, cow and horse farms. I swam in local waterfalls and experienced authentic Jamaican cuisine. I wanted to live there for the rest of my life! Malcolm showed me the non-touristy part of Jamaica and introduced me to the locals and culture. It was an amazing adventure. 

Fast forward to today, Malcolm has guided me safely, without incident, up the North Coast and down the South Coast many times. It’s always breathtaking! The people, along with Jamaica's beauty, rhythmic music and rich culture inspire me. Jamaica is a vibrant, kaleidoscope of colors, from street art to lush vegetation.

When I'm passionate about something, I go the extra mile to search for new information. I've done that with Jamaica. I want the next experience to be better than the last. I seek out unique adventures. When I speak of Jamaica, it flows organically from my knowledge, passion and experience. I want to share that with everyone.

My husband and I had a wonderful trip thanks to Dori and Malcolm. They provide high-end customized tours. We were able to visit several of the “must see” Jamaica sites and some locals-only spots as well. Malcolm is personable and knowledgeable – he really made us feel like we were getting an insider experience. Highly recommend!
— Liz B.
I couldn’t think of a better person to help plan the most memorable Jamaican experience. Dori has traveled extensively through Jamaica and is very knowledgeable. Can’t praise Dori enough.
— M.M.F


If you have questions or would like more information about our tour to Negril, Jamaica and the South Coast, please let us know. You can also reach Dori at (630) 362-3674.

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